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Mexico to sign free trade agreement with Turkey

  While the Turkish President Erdogan was visiting Mexico last month, the Mexican Senate ratified 5 bills that would strengthen relations between Mexico and Turkey.  The bills dealt with cooperation on money laundering, terrorism, drug … [Read More...]


UK Retailer Hamley’s to Venture into the Mexican Market

As more and more U.S. based retailers are seeing opportunity south of the border in the retail space, UK retailers are also taking note.  Hamley's, home to the "Finest Toys in the World", is set to open a store in Mexico City.  This will be Hamley's … [Read More...]

US – Mexico Freight Volume is Up 8.2%

The US Department of Transportation's Bureau of Statistics has released its most recent findings and traffic in the NAFTA region is up 8.2% from 2013.  US trade with both NAFTA partners, Canada and Mexico, totaled $102.2 Billion USD.  The stronger US … [Read More...]


Mexico’s Viajero Confiable Program

As I had mentioned in a previous post, paying to be part of the Global Entry program was some of the best money I have ever spent.  What some of you may not know is that Mexico has a similar program for frequent travelers called the "Viajero … [Read More...]

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Uber Launching in Monterrey This Week

Uber, which is quickly becoming the world's largest private ridesharing app, is launching this week in Monterrey, Mexico.  Uber is currently operating in a number of Mexican cities, including Mexico City, Tijuana and Guadalajara.  The addition of the Monterrey location is a great strategic move, seeing as how Monterrey is a very spread out city, so … [Read More...]


AT&T to Buy Mexico’s Iusacell for $2.5 Billion

AT&T plans to widen its global footprint by acquiring Mexican cell phone company Iusacell for $2.5 Billion USD ($1.8 Billion USD, but $2.5 Billion USD with debt included). AT&T Wireless was one of the first wireless carriers in the US to offer a US and Mexico plan (currently called "Viva Mexico"), so this move is seen as a strategic way … [Read More...]

Cross Border Xpress Rendering

Cross Border XPress: New Tijuana Airport Bridge to Open in 2015

For years, San Diegans and Angelenos have been taking flights leaving out of the Tijuana International Airport.  Every day you can see pedestrians saying good bye to loved ones on the San Diego side of the border, suitcases in hand, ready to make the short but sometimes difficult trip across the bridge, down the stairs, through the metal gates, and … [Read More...]

Televisa's new logo for Izzi

Watch Out Telmex: Televisa to launch phone and internet bundle

It's been a long time coming, but it looks like it is finally happening.  Televisa, one of Mexico's two main television networks, is launching a phone and internet bundle called "Izzi" in hopes of taking some market share from Telmex.  For many years, Telmex was the only option when it came to landlines and internet services.  Then Axtel and … [Read More...]


Mexico Today

CEOs Talk About Manufacturing in Mexico

Check out these CEOs giving their opinions on manufacturing in Mexico from the Mexico Today program...its no surprise that Mexico continues to be a … [Read More...]

Mexico’s Green Gold: Avocado Exports at an All Time High

When you think of staples in Mexican cuisine, avocados definitely come to mind.  Once just an ingredient in guacamole, avocados have become Mexico’s … [Read More...]


Chapala: Mexico’s Lakeside Paradise

I had heard tales of Lake Chapala for years, but until I saw it with my own eyes I couldn’t believe that such a beautiful, peaceful retreat existed so … [Read More...]


Mexico Today New Social Magazine: Check It Out!!

If you haven't yet seen it, the Mexico Today Social Magazine is up and running!  Head over to Facebook by clicking here, and check it out.  The Mexico … [Read More...]

Mexipreneur Tips


Mexipreneur Tip: What is “redondeo”?

                  If you've ever been in a Mexican grocery or convenience … [Read More...]

Confirm, confirm, and confirm again

One of the things that mystifies foreigners doing business in Mexico the most is the fact that people are constantly showing up late for meetings or … [Read More...]


Why Not to Use Western Union When Sending Money to Mexico

Years ago, Western Union used to be the "golden standard" for sending money abroad. Times have changed and so has my opinion of Western Union. I say … [Read More...]

The Place - Mexico City

Where to find Corporate Housing in Mexico City

When you are moving to a new country, finding a place to live is always a frustrating, challenging experience. Packing the boxes in your home … [Read More...]