Business Etiquette in North America
Posted by admin on 15th October 2014

When one thinks of North America, they might imagine a predominantly English speaking nation, but that is often far from the truth. Since the United States is nestled between our neighbors to the North, the Canadians and South of the border Mexico, there are many cultural and language barriers that exist. Even though our cultures seem to be laid back, similar and friendly, there are still challenges to be faced and etiquette to be embraced.


The infographic below entitled, “Business Etiquette Around The World” encompasses all of North America and highlights the proper etiquette that will vary according to different regions and countries. While some are fairly obvious, like a good, firm handshake as a greeting, others are not.


Also important with proper business etiquette is researching the country’s heritage and history. In this light, let’s take a quick look at some lesser known facts about our neighbors and allies.




If we recognize the song “Oh Canada” from the Olympics or another venue, this tune was only recently adopted in 1980 as their national anthem. Unofficially, they used “God Save the Queen” as their country’s theme song and others will point to the patriotic tune of “The Maple Leaf Forever” as shown prominently on their flag.


Canadians are a fun-loving bunch, and when they are not stereotypically playing hockey or drinking beer, here are some fun facts about their country that some may find surprising:


  • Second largest country in the world


  • The Mother of Invention, Canadians are credited with such discoveries as the zipper, television, light bulb, electric range, baseball glove and basketball


  • Fifth largest energy producer worldwide


  • Considered to have one of the highest qualities of life in the world, Vancouver is tied with Zurich in Sweden as the best city to reside in all the world


  • The ninth largest economy globally


Canada also has the largest coastline at roughly 244,000 kilometers and is surrounded by three oceans, the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic. They also have the longest highway, the Trans-Canada, that stretches across their country for over 8,000 kilometers coast-to-coast.




Himno Nacional Mexicano, the Mexican national anthem is perhaps lesser known and is embraced by their country’s residents as Mexicans at the Cry of War. They pride themselves as hard working people with strong family values and traditions.


In somewhat of a contrast to their distant northern allies, the Canadians, here is some trivia about their proud country:


  • Mexico introduced the world to chocolate, corn and chilies


  • The border between Mexico and the United States is the largest in the world, only surpassed by Canada and the US


  • The largest wildcat in all of North America, the jaguar, is found in Mexican jungles


  • The stripes on the Mexican flag represent, green for hope, white for purity and red for the blood of their people.


  • Chihuahuas, the smallest dogs in the world, are named after the Mexican state

Now that we have some information and facts, we can be better neighbors and business associates with our friends and allies to the North and to the South.

Business Etiquette - North America (1)


**Article and infographic provided courtesy of Dave Landry


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