Heinz to invest heavily in Mexico

heinz ketchup old bottle 97x300 Heinz to invest heavily in MexicoHeinz, maker’s of the world’s most popular ketchup, has commited to investing millions of dollars to produce its ketchup in Mexico.

Heinz currently has a plant in Guadalajara and corporate offices in Mexico City.  Over the past 2 years, Heinz has invested over $15 Million USD in its Mexico production and plans to invest another $6 Million USD over the next couple of years.  Heinz currently sells over 650 Million bottles of ketchup every year!

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  1. Here we go again another company closing down in Canada to go make obscene profits overseas. All u share holders in Heinz happy now ! Oh yeah you have improved your investment, but 800 workers in Ontario will no longer be working . That means no spending NO SPENDING ! So that means the economy will go downward , affecting farmers , familys , on and on. Oh but many businesses are coming into Ontario to replace the ones leaving .PROVE IT , SHOW ME DATA TO BACK UP THIS STATEMENT AND WHAT ARE THE WAGES LIKE THEY ARE PAYING . ARE THEY GOING TO HELP PEOPLE LIVE A DECENT LIFE OR JUST CONTRIBUTE TO POVERTY? Heinz is off the Mexico ………….wow….. what a joke . Maybe its time to stop buying Heinz and maybe find a recipe to make my own. Who knows it might catch on and let Heinz know how we feel about supporting them for 100 years and then they just close the doors and take off .

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