Mexican Movie Company Cinepolis to Bring Luxury Theaters to the U.S.

cinepolis 300x225 Mexican Movie Company Cinepolis to Bring Luxury Theaters to the U.S.Anyone who has ever gone to a VIP movie theater in Mexico will tell you there is no other experience like it. In Mexico, for around $125 pesos (or the price of a

regular movie ticket in the U.S.) you get to sit in huge, plush leather
recliners and order off of a menu that has everything from alcoholic beverages
to sushi. The waiters will gladly take your order as you sit back, relax and
enjoy the movie.  Every seat in the VIP Theater is designed to have an optimal view, so you won’t have anyone blocking the screen or getting in your way.

Cinepolis, the Mexican movie theater company that pioneered this idea, is now bringing the experience north of the border by opening VIP theaters in Southern California (first one in Del Mar, with others slated to open in La Costa and Laguna Niguel). Prices will be $17.50 for a ticket and margaritas will cost $12 a pop. Some say opening up a luxury movie theater in a down economy is a risky move, but as someone who has been to Cinepolis I can say that the VIP theater

experience is truly something not to be missed.

Cinepolis was established in 1947 by Enrique Ramírez Miguel in Morelia, Michoacan, and now has presence in 73 Mexican cities and 21 international cities.  In addition to the movie theater business, the Cinepolis group also has a number of other successful businesses which can be found within the complexes including candy stores, coffee shops, ice cream shops, and sushi bars.   Cinepolis has won a number of awards such as “Best Places to Work”, Architectural Digest Design award, and is also a certified Socially Responsible Company (ESR for its initials in Spanish).


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  1. vladimir Aleksandrov says:

    im 21, live in Carlsbad adn would like to find out how to apply at this new theater opening in la costa late 2011


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