Sending samples to Mexico

Sending samples sounds pretty straightforward, right?  You put the samples in a box, tape it up, ship it off, and hope for the best.  If you are sending samples to a customer or a potential client in Mexico, there are a few things you need to know.

1.  UPS, FedEx, and DHL are international companies, but that doesn’t mean they are connected.

Let’s say you walk in to your local UPS store to ship a box of samples to Mexico.  You fill out the paperwork and leave the store thinking your samples are on their way.  The problem is that it is impossible for the UPS employees in the US to know all of the rules and regulations that apply when shipping to different countries.  They may ship something that is forbidden in Mexico and you will only find out once it hits Mexican soil and gets held up in customs.

2.  A customs broker is required to get samples out of customs in Mexico

Even if the commercial value is under $1000 USD, you will still need a customs broker to assist in the process (unless the recipient is a registered importer).

3.  Some products will require special permission

If you are sending commercial samples that go in or on the body, like cosmetics, lotions, contact lenses, etc, they require special permission from the Secretary of Health in Mexico.

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