Favor exchange site Favoralia launches in Mexico

helpingothers 300x165 Favor exchange site Favoralia launches in MexicoMexico loves social networking.  Despite it’s low internet penetration rate (around 40% this year), 1 out of every 4 Mexicans is a member of at least one social media network.


Recently I came across a new social network that launched in Mexico, Favoralia.  The site combines social networking with helping others – consider it social networking with a conscious.  Favoralia is currently only available in Spanish, but there are users from countries all over the world.

favoralia 300x45 Favor exchange site Favoralia launches in MexicoSo, how does it work?  Users sign up (for free) and post the favors that they want to offer in a number of categories including astrology, languages, job search, music, beauty, photography, sports, business, and technology.  Once a favor is completed, the user earns points to ask for other favors or receives a favor in exchange.    The site has already experienced tremendous growth in Mexico, with over 1,100 signups in its first two weeks according to co-founder Octavio Uya.

To check out the site and start giving and receiving favors now, click here.

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