Banana Republic Coming to Mexico

bananarepublic 300x187 Banana Republic Coming to MexicoGap has announced that it’s more upscale unit, Banana Republic, will enter Mexico this year as the first free standing store in the market.  As you might recall, Gap entered Mexico earlier this year after years of a store within store trial within Liverpool.  Banana Republic also had a store within store in several Liverpool stores, but this will be the first free standing store with a full selection of clothing and the full branding experience.

The Mexico expansion is part of Gap’s larger Latin American strategy as it plans to be in Chile, Panama, Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Brazil by the end of 2013.  The Gap brands have been very popular in Mexico due to the proximity to the border, so it was only a matter of time before the company decided to make a full investment and open stores.

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  1. Roberto Linan says:


    Did GAP announced any date for their first Banana Republic Store?

    I’m tired to only get this cloths when I travel to the US. Can’t wait!

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