Urbita Launches Travel Videos Site

As its name suggests, Travel Videos (www.travideos.com) contains videos about virtually every city in the world, gathered from a variety of sources and organized using Urbita’s fabulous database of around 180,000 cities and towns. Less than one month after its official launch the site has grown from 0 to 1M monthly visitors, making it one of the most visited sites on the travel video niche.

Thinking about going somewhere but would like to first have an idea of what you will find? Watching amateur videos for the place will certainly give you a much more realistic vibe than whatever the guy at Lonely Planet had a chance to see during his quick visit and felt like writing about. Depending on the location you select, you might find all sorts of material, from live action sports to a tour of a brand new beach-front community, to a political demonstration downtown.

On Travel Videos you simply enter the name of the country or town you’re interested in finding videos for, and the system immediately shows you all kinds of results. Whether it is New York City, Cairo, Paris or a village on the coast of Vietnam, there is no other website that makes it so simple to find independently-recorded and main-stream material about virtually any population center.

The service is available in over 17 languages and is very user-friendly. The main page features general interest videos about traveling, as well as a selection of recommendations and a glimpse into what other people are searching for. When you select a particular town, aside from the videos for that town, you get a listing of nearby towns where you can further explore.

Of course, aside from millions of videos, Travel Videos also features amateur pictures and professional maps of the towns you search for, as well as a link to the places featured on Urbita for that town, and even a link to that place’s file on Wikipedia!

Definitely a website worth checking out: Travel Videos is a new and fantastic tool for anyone planning a trip, or for those just wanting to travel the world without leaving their homes.

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