Amazon Launches Mexico Kindle Store

kindle Amazon Launches Mexico Kindle StoreReaders who have been waiting for books in Spanish will be happy to learn that Amazon has launched a Mexico Kindle store which includes 70,000 ebooks in Spanish. Kindle will also be available at brick and mortar bookstore chain, Librerias Gandhi, for around $100 USD. As part of the launch, Amazon is offering a special discounted rate on a number of books. The site also includes over 1,500 free books in Spanish.

Unfortunately, Mexico does not have a reading “culture”, as the average person reads 0.5 books per year. Hopefully the launch of an online bookstore will encourage and inspire more readers!

Interesting fact: the site will also include titles in Nahuatl and other Mexican indigenous languages.

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  1. Are you able to provide us with a link? I searched ‘Mexico Kindle Store’ in Amazon and nothing came up

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