If your reading this page, it’s probably because you’ve got an interest in Mexico, entrepreneurship, or maybe even a combination of the two, just like me.  Whatever brought you here, I hope you enjoy my posts on what’s going on in the Mexican business world, tips on doing business in Mexico, and other random ramblings.

Growing up on the US-Mexico border, I’ve always been interested in Mexico.  I eventually learned Spanish and spent time living, studying and working here.  I’ve worked in a number of different industries, everything from telecom to apparel to video games.  While working one of my “cubicle jobs” in Corporate America, I started a translation company through which I’ve provided hundreds of translations and been fortunate to gain many repeat clients.  I also provide consulting services for those looking to expand their business into Mexico.

I love to cook, enjoy good tequila, and believe that life’s too short to not wake up excited about what you do everyday.

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