Certified Sales Professional Course in Guadalajara
Posted by admin on 28th August 2012

If you work in the sales industry, either as a sales rep or manager, it is important to hone your skills and “resharpen the saw” once in awhile.  For those of you who are in Mexico, there is an upcoming certified sales professional course that offers 4 days of valuable training on various subjects.

The event will take place in Guadalajara from November 12-18, 2012 and is put on by the Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF).  MRERF is a charitable, education foundation sponsored by manufacturers’ representatives Associations in diverse industries. This is the only course of its kind in Mexico which offers certification.

The four day course will cover the following subjects:

Managing Yourself
Understanding Personality Traits
Maintaining Positive Attitude
Setting Personal Goals
Managing Stress and Time

Selling Process
Getting Participation
Investigating, Summarizing & Prioritizing
Going Forward

Business Skills
Effective New Business Creation
How to Plan and Conduct Potent Sales Meetings
Developing Presentation Skills
Strategic Territory Planning
Account Management
Business Acumen

For more information, or to sign up for the course, click here.

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