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3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Dear Kay,
    I am a Builder/ Developer in San Antonio Texas. I am interested in talking with you about finding Clients and Investors in Mexico for San Antonio projects and some South Texas Development after the Current Oil and Gas boom going on now. I am looking to find out where I can be Featured as a Builder. I have built several residences for Mexican Nationals such as the Famous singer Gerardo Flores and others. Could you help me with ads in Mexico City or other Investor Areas. I am looking for Clients to Build for.
    Please call if you can my cell is (210) 831-4858
    Clay W. Jarvis

  2. October 2011

    I’ve employed a small group of people in Michoacan to do woodturning for me for the last 10 years – they have been mailing their (smallish pieces – 15 kg boxes or less, one box every two months) work to me in California via Mexican Express Mail (this is Mexpost) from the post office in their small town. Each box has a customs form on it stating the contents as: muestras de artesanias (artists samples); each shipment gets an electronic code put on it which is traceable thru the USPS express mail website. Shipment has ALWAYS taken exactly 10 days from shipment to delivery and I’ve never lost one thing. It’s a great, great service.

    But now there is a new and confusing wrinkle – since the fall of 2010 the post office says they have no permits (guias) for Mexpost except occasionally. Even when we go to the post office daily for 10 days we’ve been turned away, and when we go to the nearby very large town they also have no guias even when we make the trip every single day.

    The postal guys at the local post office say they receive, at unknown and unanticipated intervals, a limited # of guias. They request more when they run out but it seems to make no difference: guias come when they come and in numbers that cannot be infulenced.

    When we, or I, go in and pressure the postal people they get upset and angry and tell us they’re not required to provide explanations.

    Does anyone know anything about this? I will certainly have to stop working with Mexico becasue of this, and my own work will end, as will theirs.

    Your time and thoughts are deeply appreciated.

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