Mexipreneur Tips: Ways to Call Mexico For Free (or almost free)
Posted by admin on 8th April 2015

With all of the advances over the past few years in technology, international calling is becoming less expensive and new options for placing calls are popping up every day. This week I outlined how you can save on expensive international roaming charges with your cell phone company while traveling or doing business in Mexico, but now I want to give you some other options.  Keep in mind that the majority of these options are “free”, but do require you be connected to Wifi or a stable internet connection.


Skype is the go-to application for those who have international conference calls, and the first to market in the now competitive VOIP space.  It is free to download, works on a number of platforms, and the quality is very consistent. Skype allows you to video chat, send instant messages, files, or simply have a VOIP call.



I’ve been using Viber for the past year and love it.  It provides high quality free calling, texting and picture sharing with other contacts that have Viber.  Viber also has the added feature of “stickers” which take emoticons to another level.  There is also a paid option which allows you to contact landlines or other users who don’t have the Viber app on their phone.

Supported platforms:  Windows 8, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone


Tango is similiar to Viber, and can be downloaded for free.  In addition to all of the great features like free calls, messaging, and photo sharing, Tango also allows you to play games with friends and share music.

Supported platforms:  iOS, Android, Blackberry, PC, Windows, Amazon Fire


Whatsapp – one of the biggest messaging services in the world, now owned by Facebook – has recently added a calling feature.  The feature is currently available on Android and iOS.  Whatsapp calls are going to become more and more common as they roll out the feature to all of their users in the coming months.

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