My Top Five Essentials for an International Long Haul Flight
Posted by admin on 4th May 2015
Top 5 Essentials for a Long Haul Flight
Top 5 Essentials for a Long Haul Flight
When traveling long distances, packing can be a bit overwhelming.  You want to make sure you have everything, but at the same time you don’t want to be dealing with a heavy carryon dashing through the airport to make your flight.  If you are on a long haul flight that involves sleeping, you want to make sure you get proper rest so that you are able to function when you arrive at your destination (especially if you have business meetings!).  If you are not sleeping, you want to make sure you are entertained.  While a number of carriers offer free movies/TV/music, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stuck in the one seat where the entertainment center has stopped working.  My advice?  Always come prepared with your own entertainment, whether it be a book, your favorite playlist or games on your laptop and you won’t have this problem.

Here are some of the items that after years of traveling have become MUSTS for long flights:

  1. Monster Power Outlets to Go Global Adapter



The great thing about this adapter is that it works in a number of countries and also has a place for USB charging.  The multifunctional charger supports US and European plugs, which conveniently fold up for easy storage.  Unlike other models, the plugs that screw out are sturdy and can take the wear and tear of being plugged and unplugged constantly.


  1. Nose spray


While most people have their own assortment of medications and vitamins that they pack, one thing I’ve come to really appreciate having is nose spray.  As unglamouress as it sounds, you will thank me.  The air in an airplane cabin is notoriously dry and as a result, our respiratory systems take a beating.  Nose spray is a great way to combat that dried out congested feeling that many of us get.

  1. Ear plugs

You know the guy in 10D who could barely stay awake during takeoff?  Well now he is snoring loud enough for the folks in the back of the plane to hear.  If you are sensitive to sound, and have a long flight ahead of you, at this point you may feel like jumping out of your skin.  Luckily, there is a solution.  These earplugs are some of the best I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a bunch.  The reason why they are better than your standard airplane earplugs is because they are moldable and fill all the spaces in your ear just right.  Just rub them between your palms, squish them in your ear and you are set!

  1. Noise cancelling earphones


While some people are lulled to sleep by the sound of the plane engine, some get annoyed by the low level constant buzz.  If you can’t drown out the buzz for the rest of your flight, you are in for a world of pain.  Add to that the constant clinking of the food carts, the PA announcements by the pilot, and that person that talks the whole flight in a super loud voice and it makes a 10 hour flight feel like 30.  Music lovers have known about Bose headphones for years.  They really do make a high quality product when it comes to noise cancelling earphones.  Next time you get on a flight, notice how many experienced travelers have Bose headphones on.


  1. Portable power bank


If you are lucky enough to be traveling in business class, you will most likely be able to plug in and charge up all of your devices before you land.  If this is not an option, I would highly suggest you invest in a portable power bank for your phone.  Small enough to carry in your purse or pocket, this little guy will become your new best friend when you hit the ground.  No more worrying about running out of battery while you are dashing around the city.  Plug it in to your iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry or any other device with a USB and it will give you hours of battery life on the go. Just make sure that your power bank is charged before you fly!

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