OXXO To Open Stores in Texas
Posted by admin on 7th May 2015
OXXO looking to expand its empire
OXXO looking to expand its empire
Mexican convenience store giant OXXO has announced plans to open 900 stores in Texas over a 10 year span. The aggressive growth plan would create over 6,000 jobs in the state. OXXO is the fastest growing convenience store chain in Latin America and has over 13,000 stores in Mexico. OXXO would invest over $850 Million USD over the next 10 years.

One of the barriers to entry for OXXO is the law in Texas that prohibits retailers from having ties to the liquor industry. OXXO is part of the FEMSA group, which has the second largest equity stake in Heineken. Right now, executives at FEMSA are urging Texas legislators to do away with this law and to allow them to sell liquor in OXXO stores. OXXO opened its first store across the border in Eagle Pass, Texas, in August 2014.

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